Achieving Effective Environmental Control with Grow Tents

When you are selecting the proper grow tent for your indoor gardening, there are various factors to consider. One of the most important aspect to consider is the possibility of over-heating. You’ll want to utilize the proper extraction methods to get rid of excess heat, and this involves the selection of the right filter and fan for your tent.

To determine the best fan for your tent, consider how many and what types of lights you have. You’ll want to be sure you have plenty of power, to pull the warm air from the tent. If you use reflectors that are air cooled, this will also help to regulate the temperature of your grow tent. If you use more lights, you’ll need a larger filter and fan to help get rid of the excess heat that the lights will generate.

Filter and fan kits will allow you to pull impurities from the air, and unwanted heat from your grow tent. You can also add speed controllers, to move more air. These usually come equipped with a self-contained thermostat, which will help in keeping your grow tent at a constant temperature. These fans will speed up when the tent is warmer, and slow down when it’s cooler.

Sometimes you may run into pests when you garden indoors, although they are much less a problem than you will find outdoors. Plant lice or aphids are one pest that enjoys plants of certain species. Aphids can take nutrients from inside your plants, weakening them and causing them stress. This means that they will not have as much growth. Treating your plants with neem oil before they are infested will keep the pests away from them. This works for many other types of pests, in addition to aphids.

When your new grow tent arrives, be sure that you set it up in an area where it will be easiest to duct hot air out. You’ll also need enough room for your other equipment. Most people set the tent up first, and then unpack the rest of the items in the kit. After you have the tent in a place that will work well, you can begin to install the other equipment.

Effective Environmental Control with Grow Tents

Effective Environmental Control with Grow Tents

It’s a good idea to set up your filter and fan before your light, so the light won’t be in the way. Wire your fan if it did not come pre-wired, and then work on the duct, from the fan to the place where hot air will leave the tent. Sort out the various lengths of ducting that you will need. Be sure the fan is pulling air through the filter, since pushing air will not be as efficient.

Next, you’ll work on installing the light. The ballast installs outside the growing area, since it creates a good deal of heat. Do not cover the light and ballast – leave them room to breathe. You can wait to do any lighting adjustments until you have your plants in, so that you can set the height to the level they need. Lowering your filter will be helpful so that it’s close to the level of the light, so pulling the hot air away will be more easily accomplished.

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