Home Garden That Can Burglar-Proof Your Home

home gardenWhen a person thinks about ways to burglar-proof his home, home garden probably doesn’t come to mind right away. However, there are some things you can do with your home garden that can help keep burglars away such as routinely trimming and landscaping bushes or trees around your home so that you are able to see more clearly out your window and down your street. Burglars love to have objects they can hide behind as they plot their way into your home.

5 Tips of Home Garden

Tip #1 is to have your lawn mowed on a regular basis; this will make your home look occupied. An overgrown lawn looks like no one is home and an opportunity for a burglar to get into your home.

Tip #2 is by using your garden to keep burglars away is to plant some Juniper plants around your windows. Adding a crunchy mulch around your plants and windows will not only make it harder to get through your windows, but the noise will be such that you will hear immediately what is going on outside.

Tip #3 is by planting roses along your fence. The thorns on the rose bushes will deter a burglar because of its prickly nature. Burglars hate to have obstructions when trying to enter a home.

Tips #4 is be sure to keep your curtains closed at night and during the day keep them partially opened. You don’t want to give a burglar any indication that you’re gone. At night, put on several night lights and on the outside of your home garden and garage, put on several bright security lights. Darkness is a burglar’s best friend and your enemy; so always keep your place lit up. You can also put on motion detectors near the entries to your home garden and turn them on when you are gone.

Tips #5 Another tip that can prevent a burglary is by placing large stones around the base of your home; especially around windows. This will make it much harder for a thief to look into your windows. Large stones can be a hindrance when a person is navigating around your home. It is also important to keep ladders inside your home or garage; having a ladder outside close to your home, as in a shed, is just another way a burglar can get into your home.

If your home is surrounded by a fence, try planting shrubs around it. By planting shrubs around your fence, you will make it much more difficult for someone to climb the fence. By doing these easy gardening projects, you can keep your home safe and secure from burglars.

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