How to Grow Healthy Plants

Planting seeds, vegetables and flowers is not quite hard. However, proper planning is really essential in order to develop an environment that will boost the optimum growth of each grow healthy plants.

Below are some of the basic tips on how to grow healthy plants and reach its maximum growth potential.

Grow Healthy Plants

1. Choose the best quality plants or seeds to grow

grow healthy plants seed

2. Develop a soil that works best for you

Soil preparation is one of the most important things to consider before planting. Adding some organic matter like compost or manure will definitely boost the quality of your soil. Balancing soil’s PH of 6.5 is highly recommended.

If your soil contains certain nutrients, there’s no need to add more when watering. However, if you feel that your plants need more nutrients with your watering schedule, apply every other watering. If you are on a vegetative stage, plants need more Nitrogen. For flowering stage, it needs more Phosphate with less Nitrogen.

3. Provide your plants with a stress free growing environment

You need to pay attention to the growing environmental necessity of your plants. In general, plants need high humidity, consistent temperature, proper air circulation, light and good quality garden equipment.

grow healthy plants

4. Proper Nourishment

Like us, plants also need healthy foods to eat for proper nourishment. You can add organic fertilizers such as fish and manure fertilizers to nourish youngsters. Organic foods may not act as fast as chemical fertilizers but in the long run, you’ll be able to develop a healthier soil for future flower generations.

5. Control water intake

Watering plants is the most common mistake in growing plants. Too much water intake can kill your plants. Check your soil regularly for moisture. Stick your fingers 3 inches under the soil and if there’s no moisture, that’s the only time that you need to water thoroughly.

grow healthy plants watering

6. Pruning

Make sure to remove dying or damaged flowers and yellowing leaves.

grow healthy plants pruning

7. Take extra care and precautions

Make sure to wash your hands and clean your tools when planting. Clean the floors and walls to prevent bugs and diseases to spread. Plants are susceptible to diseases at their early stage of growing.

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