How To Make a Safe Garden Environment

safe-garden-entranceStatistically speaking, most accidents happen within a short radius from your home, the thinking being that you are less vigilant in more comfortable and familiar surroundings. This means that you are never going to prevent accidents from happening 100%, but there are things that you can do to help reduce the chance of an accident in your garden. If you have children or pets then you may wish to take a look at all of the hazards in your garden and see if there is anything that you can do to try and prevent an accident from happening.

  • Fences and Walls
  • Lighting
  • Storage
  • Plants
  • Access

These are all things that you can use for your own benefit to make a safer garden environment for both you and your family and try and prevent you becoming another statistic.

Fences and Walls

Garden fence

Garden fence

Especially if you have children and also pets, you may wish to have a fence going all the way around your property in order to fence it in, and keep your family inside as much as keeping others out. There are many options as you can have a brick wall, chain link fence or even a wooden fence encompassing your property. The only restriction is going to be your taste and also your budget. Lots of homes have pools and ponds and you may want to use fencing in order to block this off, meaning your kids or pets cannot gain unsupervised access which should give you some peace of mind. For a really unobtrusive and classy effect, you can get frameless glass pool fencing in Perth and other areas. The great thing about this type off fencing is that as it is made from glass and has no frame, there is very little visual impact on the environment as you can see through the fence clearly, leaving those beautiful views unobstructed. This is the difference between having an indoor garden and outdoors garden.

Light up your Garden

Good lighting in your safe garden does not only make it look an appealing place, but also helps with both security and safety. A great way to light up your garden is to use solar powered lights which you just stick into the ground. These collect charge by day and then turn themselves on when the sun goes down. These can be used to illuminate walkways through the garden and make sure you do not trip on anything or step on any wildlife which may hurt you. Another good idea is to get security flood lights which are connected to an infra red sensor, which will temporarily light up for a set amount of time when motion is detected. These are not only a deterrent to burglars but can also be very handy when you need some light outside as well.


Garden Storage

Garden Storage

A safe garden does take equipment to look after it and you will need to make sure that all of the tools are stored away properly to avoid people tripping on them and children and animals playing with them. If you do not have room in your garage then you may wish to invest in a garden shed where you can store all of your tools and equipment safely and securely. Also any cleaning products or fertilizer or pesticide should be stored in an area which can be locked. You will also need to get yourself in the habit of cleaning up after yourself as you go and this will have a big effect on the possibility of accidents occurring as the chances should be reduced. This also stops little hands getting the chance to play with things which could potentially be deadly. This also helps keep your tools and grow equipment in good condition as well. Another options is grow tents which can also save you space.

Choose your Plants

Garden Plants

Garden Plants

If you make sure that you choose the type of plants in your safe garden wisely, is a good way of controlling the animals and insects that will come into your garden. A good example of this is with flowers which need pollination which is done by Bees, by introducing plants that require this, you not only get lots of nice flowers to look at but you also introduce the honey bees to your garden as well. By having Citrus plants in your garden you are helping to keep annoying insects such as mosquitoes at bay as they do tend to steer clear of these types of plants. If you have any toxic plants then you will need to keep these away from children and animals, perhaps put these in the area of your pool or pond if it is gated off.


All in all it is inevitable that accidents are going to happen. There are a lot of accidents which are preventable and if we are just aware of these around our home, clean up after ourselves and store things properly, we are potentially reducing the likeliness of an accident happening. Not only will you have less chance of an accident, you garden will also look good as well!

By Line

This article was written by Max Johnson for a leading supplier in solar panels. Max is married with a new born son and enjoys sharing his experiences in the blogs and articles that he writes.

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