Use Grow Tents for Higher Yields

If you have decided to garden in an urban setting, a grow tent will give you a chance to grow plants faster and with higher yields than you could grow outdoors. Rather than spending time building a grow room, you can use a grow tent to give you an environment that is completely self-contained. You may now grow year round and easily maintain a proper environment for your plants.

Grow tents have many helpful features, that include hanging bars for filters, fans and lights, as well as outlets or ducts for your cables, and for the extraction of hot air. Often, tents are lined with Mylar that helps to reflect light back onto the plants. The exterior of your grow tent should be strong, so that it won’t rip or crack.

There are many sizes of grow tents available on the market. You may only need a smaller tent if you don’t grow many plants, or a larger model if you have more plants you want to grow indoors. Keep in mind how many plants you want to grow, before you choose a tent. Most tents can easily fit into an unused area of your room.

You will find that grow tent kits are quite easy to assemble, especially if you’re handy with such things. They will keep in the odor and light from your garden. It’s cheaper, as a rule, to buy a grow tent rather than building a grow room in your home. You’ll welcome the increased productivity that a grow tent can provide for you.

Grow tents give you an environment which is totally controllable, so that you can help your plants thrive. Filters and fans are easily hung on the bar at the top of your grow tent, and intakes for passive air may eliminate the need for an intake fan, if you can duct the hot air from your grow tent room. If you have heavier fan or light units, you might hang them from hooks in the ceiling, so that they don’t put too much weight on your overhead bar. Small holes will allow the addition of boards for the heavier lights or filter.

Unless you need to punch holes in the tent for heavyweight hanging, you don’t want to put holes in a grow tent. They will allow the light to leak out, and may lose CO2. A frame support is available that simply slips on, which will eliminate the need for boards and hooks to hang heavy filters or lighting units on.

You may have gear that you would prefer to hang on the walls, and this can be done with hanging wall racks. They are an easy and quick addition to your tent, and will allow you to mount thermometers, oscillating fans or CO2 controllers on the side of your tent. When you purchase a grow tent kit, it will come with everything you need to get starting growing indoors. Check the tents and kits online to find the best deal for the equipment you will need. You’ll be able to choose the parts of your kit that tailor the tent to your own indoor gardening needs.

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